Hey, You! Let's Do This.

Strength—it doesn’t have a size, a shape, an age or a “how.” It’s more than skin deep and by no means a given. I work out to feel strong—mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally—but for years, I’ll admit that wasn’t the case. I put my body through the ringer to fit into a pair of size 00 jeans, depriving myself in an effort to “improve.” The result: I was left completely depleted, weak and sick. (I’ll save you from those not-so-glorious details…)

The second we rid ourselves of the incessant noise that our need for perfection puts us through, we feel, perform and hell, even look better. Yes, we can always push to be enhanced versions of our best selves but we don’t need to fix anything or punish ourselves to get there. It’s all a balancing act—committing to kicking major butt for the right reasons.

That’s why this year has been all about leading with the heart! 2017 was beyond incredible and arguably the most influential 365 days of my life. My biggest takeaway: Detach from expectations and trust the journey! For far too long I have let my head (the excuses, overthinking, impatience and need for perfection) get in the way of growth, experiences and overall happiness. The one thing I know for sure is that I like where—and with who—I go when I nix the noise and self-inflicted pressure to please. And that’s the direction I plan to head in today, tomorrow and every day thereafter! You with me?!

One of my favorite quotes is by William Shakespeare, who once said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” Setting realistic goals based on strengths, ambitions, passions and foreseeable opportunities is the key to being a goal crusher. Once you have that locked in, it’s time to take action! Start by creating a road map filled with all the nitty gritty deets necessary to achieve a toner tummy, new career, better work/life balance, etc. The smaller and more specific, the better when it comes to those how-to’s and deadlines because dreams don’t work unless you do. Don’t overwhelm or get ahead of yourself! Take it one day at a time and build momentum.

My goal with this site is to create a supportive community where women can come for inspiration, empowerment, connection and accountability. I want to help thousands of rockstars—like you—feel strong and confident. Oh, and spoiler alert: We’re going to have tons of fun along the way!

So let’s do this, fit friends! This is just the beginning of big, bold, badass things.

lauren cardarelli