3 Ways to Outsmart Your "Snooze" Button


A [soon-to-be] new season may call for a fresh start to your workout regimen and with it an earlier bedtime but when it comes to that pre-dawn nagging alarm—well, let’s just say the “snooze and rollover” approach is far easier than entering the chilly abyss that lies outside of your covers.

For years, I have shaken off the sleepies before sunrise, thanks to 6 a.m. classes and clients, so trust me—I get it! It’s tough at first but believe it or not, I now look forward to my morning routine and feel all the more accomplished sneaking in a sweat sesh long before most people even wake up. So how can you too trick yourself into becoming an early bird? Here are three sneaky strategies to not only getting up but falling in love with A.M. exercise.

  1. Get Your Attire in Gear: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown up for an early workout with my shirt inside out or all the more embarrassing, my leggings on backwards. That’s because I was digging through my drawers in the dark, praying to the Fitness Gods that whatever I pair together magically matches. Not only does dressing in the pitch-black basically predict fashion faux pas, it’s also a major time suck and potential stressor far too early in your day. That’s why I swear by laying out my workout wardrobe the night before on my nightstand or dresser. More time for you and that pre-workout snack.
  2. Find Your “Be There!” BFF: You never want to let yourself down, but blowing off your gal pal? Well, let’s be real, you will never hear the end of that. Having an accountability buddy will certainly make you second guess skipping that spin class. If working out solo is your jam, try coughing up some cash when you cancel. Whether it’s an old school piggy bank or an app like Lazy Jar, you’re penalized for not sticking to your routine—which is donated to charity. 
  3. Set for Success: Set your A.C./heat, coffee machine and any other morning must-haves so that your mornings are not only easier, but also cozier/more enjoyable. Oh, and I set not one, not two but at least five incessant, LOUD alarms that ensure a “okay, okay, I’m up!” result. Still struggling? Position your clock or phone across the room. Brutal? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

So, yeah—rise and shine, babe! It’s exercise time!

lauren cardarelli