Bermuda Beach Workout

Three years ago, Mike and I went on our first trip to Bermuda together. I had been super consistent diet- and exercise-wise leading up to the trip (upcoming vacations = one of my favorite accountability checks!) and honestly, for the first time felt confident enough to crush a workout sesh in a sports bra.

Mike was messing around/practicing with his new camera (and drone!) while I snuck in this fun, bodyweight beach workout and the video he created? Well, I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor when he showed it to me. I was so stoked to see the changes I had made in my body and felt beyond strong, however I still was uneasy about releasing it to the world. “Was my tummy jiggling in that shot?” “Eek, did you see that cellulite in my legs?” While I was SO PROUD of the muscle tone I had developed, etc. I was also beyond worried about what others would think.

Fast-forward to later that night after I posted it to my Instagram and I was overwhelmed by the support. To this day, the vid has received five times the amount of my average views and the positive feedback was what sparked the idea of creating my YouTube channel and empowered me to make helping people my full-time job.

lauren cardarelli