STAY FIT ON VACA | Resistance Band Workout

Stay fit on vacation! This HIIT-inspired warm-up and total-body strength routine kept me looking toned and feeling confident in a bikini during my Bermuda trip! Check out the full workout below and share your thoughts—especially after you give it a sweat-test!

Warm-Up | 2 sets x 60 sec. each move
Jumping Jacks
Reverse Lunge + Reach

Superset 1 | 4 x 12
Resistance Band Reverse Fly
Resistance Band Chest Press

Superset 2 | 4 x 12
X Hops
Single-Leg Glute Bridges

Superset 3 | 4 x 12
Resistance Band Upright Rows
Resistance Band Trunk Rotations

400m Sprint

lauren cardarelli