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Runner’s World

Model, Why Runners Need Strong Arms
by Samantha Lefave

A solid upper body is just as important as trained legs to run fast and easy. To get it, reach for the heavy stuff.


Expert, 5 Ways to Work Out and Practice Wellness At Your Desk
by Elizabeth Blasi

Don’t let the 9-to-5 grind keep you from being healthy and fit.

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Expert, What Is HILIT and Should You Jump on the Bandwagon?
by Melissa Rudy

It's the gym, not college finals—yet in the health and fitness arena, it seems like practically every workout comes with a new acronym to learn.


Expert, 6 Health Industry Trends You Should Avoid This Year—and Always
by Jenn Sinrich

Some fads are better left in the past.

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Huffington Post

Expert, The Best Undies For Working Out, According To Women Who Work Out
by Caroline Thompson

Women bare it all in the quest for the perfect gym panty.