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"I set a goal for myself in 2017: Do something for yourself that makes you happy. I couldn't have done it without Lauren. She has taught me how to train smarter and efficiently. No more hours of cardio at a time. You can still have a kickass workout in 30 minutes. Variety and keeping it fun is key. Rest days are just as important as training days. Lauren, thank you for being my coach, supporting me through it all, adding words like 'HIIT,' 'AMRAP,' and 'crush' to my vocabulary, making me do burpees until I want to ? and making me feel more and more confident every day. I could not have done it without you. To date I've lost a total 6.5 inches around my body. The scale only started changing recently, a difference of 5 lbs. Proves to you how the scale is ?! A wise birdie once said, "The only scale you should use is for your food," and she was right. I HATE the scale! So moral of the story, if I can do it, you can too. Keep your head up and do something for yourself once in a while."



"I started a workout plan with Lauren a little over a month ago. I had been an avid runner in the past but after an injury it was very easy to make consistent excuses and avoid the gym. I have always said how much easier my life would be if I just had a trainer or someone to tell me what to do—without the price tag. After chatting with Lauren, it was only a matter of days until I had a tailored month-long workout program, food guidelines and inspiration sent to me at a fair price. I now look forward to going to the gym because every day is different! I am targeting new muscles with each session and my new food awareness has upped my energy and my mood! What works best for me is that this isn't a 'diet,’ it is a lifestyle change that does not feel overwhelming. I am an artist who needs a lot of energy and stamina to move around large pieces of work. These workouts paired with my change in consuming too many processed foods and too much coffee have enhanced my ability to do so and to be sure I am not sluggish in the studio! Lauren is a wonderful coach who is always there to send new workouts, food inspiration and answer any questions!"



“When I work out with Lauren, I know I am going to be pushed to my limits in a loving and fun way. Lauren is a ball of energy with such a positive outlook, she makes a workout fun (and often funny). I also love the integration of mind/body/spirit—she always pulled in some inspirational thoughts or power of positivity. You know you’re going to walk away feeling better than you did before! Lauren is really inspiring. She goes after her goals, full boar. That is really brave. She became the director of our entire, high-end gym at just 24. She literally ran an organization, and she ran it well. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect though she may look it. She’s authentic. I have a genetic disorder that causes complications with my connective tissues and joints, so I’ve often been too nervous or cautious to go after a lot of different kinds of exercises. Lauren is encouraging, patient and will meet you wherever you are in your goals. She doesn’t judge and she will be sure you are comfortable and encouraged to meet your goals. She pulls together her varied background to make a workout that is tailored for you. She has a background of yoga, barre, spin, HIIT and CrossFit. She can make a customized workout that is personalized for you, and inspires you to follow through. I can’t recommend her enough!”



“I met Lauren at a gym she was an instructor at and instantly loved her energy. She was one of those instructors that made it a point to learn her students’ names and made sure to call it out for some extra encouragement during class. That’s the thing about training with Lauren—she’s all about the positive energy and encouragement and never makes you feel weak or shameful for taking a breather or having an off day. I have been training with Lauren since March 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Lauren creates personalized workouts for my boyfriend and me every week, tailoring them to areas we ask her to focus on for that week. While I continue to work toward my overall goal to tone up and lose fat, Lauren has helped me achieve something I didn’t realize was actually more important than all of that—she helped me become in-tune with my body. By listening to the queues my body gives me, I have been able to perfect my form during my workouts, push my body to its physical limits and also give it some well-deserved rest every now and again. I’ve personally seen Lauren’s clients successfully complete programs targeted at losing weight for a wedding or other special occasions, but the long-term benefits of working with Lauren are absolutely invaluable.”